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FREE GIFT | T&S Signature Stays (4 Pair)
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FREE GIFT | T&S Signature Stays (4 Pair)
Free Gift

The T&S Tribe is growing fast! To celebrate with our following, we're gifting FREE T&S Signature Stays ($12.99 retail value). Because these stays are substantial, all that we ask is you help cover a small $1 shipping and handling fee.

T&S Signature Stays are crafted with corrosion resistant alloy and built to stay on point, unlike your typical run of the mill plastic stays. They come in a handy black felt organizer sleeve for easy storage, and are perfect for travel, no matter your destination.

Comes with 4 total pairs: (2) 2.75in, (2) 2.5in. These are the two most common sizes, versatile with almost every collar type.  

*Offer eligible for shipping to U.S. and Canada only.

Quantity limit: 1 gift per customer.