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Chisel | Pure Ebony Razor - Tailor & Spruce
Chisel | Pure Ebony Razor
$ 34.49

Chisel | Pure Ebony Razor
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Chisel sports natural ebony wood and stunning nickel-plated accents. With an ergonomic design, its extended handle will keep his grip dry for maximum control- and a superb shave. He’ll discover a weighted core that offers a distinct feel and impeccable balance. Even more, Chisel is a sophisticated display piece, with an iconic T&S logo engraved on the handle.

Built To Gift: Presented in a regal black box - ideal for gifting greatness.

Handle is compatible with all Mach3 razors.

Please Note: Due to naturally occurring variation in wood grain, handle will not appear exactly as shown. This guarantees each piece is unique and one of a kind.