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Charisma Expert: From Awkward
Eye Contact to Visionary

Posted by Jason Epstein on


We’re going to dive right into an exclusive tip from our free ebook, The Charisma Checklist: 8 Tips To Be The Most Admired Person in Any Room. Click here to gain full access.

Humans have evolved to be on a constant search for situations that can cause harm to us, or bestow us with great benefits. To see these potential positives and negatives to our very existence, our eyes naturally shift during social interaction. Keeping no-shift eye contact signifies calm and confidence (which, if you’ve been following, are indicative of charisma) while being shifty-eyed is, how we do we say this nicely? Sketchy as hell.


People love it when you pay attention to them, but eye contact is tough for some because maintaining it can feel very exposing - like you are making direct contact with each other’s inner thoughts. Just a moment of locking eyes can mean so much. Why? Because the eyes are the focal point of the face - the very first place you make contact with. It’s how you decide whether to proceed or withdraw. Focus on the following:
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How to Be Great at Remembering Names

Posted by Jason Epstein on

Today's post is an excerpt from our free ebook, The Charisma Checklist: 8 Tips To Be The Most Admired Person in Any Room. Click here to gain full access.  

Identity Shift

Your behaviors are a reflection of your identity. Changing behavior means believing new things about who you are. If you know you’re a guy who really nails names and makes people feel good about themselves, and each action you perform is driven by that fundamental belief, then good sir, you’ve just faked it until you’ve maked(!) it.
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3 Keys to Smart Corporate Gifting

Posted by Terry Schilling on


For you professionals out there planning on buying a gift for your boss, clients, or colleagues this holiday season, let’s make it matter. 

Yes, simply buying a gift is a nice gesture and lets them know you’re thinking about them, but what you may not know is that corporate gifting is an opportunity - to both develop and reaffirm your professional relationships. However, with the wrong gifting strategy, you run the risk of sabotaging the relationships that matter most in your career.

In this article we’ll help you avoid the common pitfalls of bad corporate gifting; and even better, ensure that your holiday gifting strategy is optimized for maximum influence. You’ll discover 3 expert insights for smart corporate gifting – backed by leading psychology and science.

Do you like effective strategies? You do. Good, then let’s get started.

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Improv Skills for Business

Posted by Mark Baese on


Doing business in today’s marketplace has never been more competitive. The edge one company has over another in product or service can be slight. Often, a decision on who to do business with comes down to which individual or team is more likable. It’s why so many companies are looking outside the box for any training advantage they can find.

With so many personal development programs, you will want to select one that translates well in both life and business. For this reason, many companies are turning to improv comedy training.

There’s a major difference between a stiff executive and one with charisma. It’s the difference between boring presentations and an executive who can captivate the entire room. Charisma comprises 3 major components: presence, communication and emotional intelligence.  You’ll discover that improv training supercharges all 3.  

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The Refined Man: How to Stop
Biting Your Nails

Posted by Mark Baese on


When you think of nail biting, you might picture a cartoon caricature nervously chomping away during a tense situation. It can be comical. However, the reality of biting your nails is a lot less funny – and more destructive.

If you’re a nail biter, you may do it, without even realizing your actions. You could be subconsciously biting during a meeting, a presentation, or even on a date. You may think you’re being discreet about it, but believe me, people notice.

Perception is Reality

Biting your nails is often viewed as bad personal hygiene. Nails are dirty. They carry many bacteria. Even though you may feel it doesn’t cause actual harm, the perception people have is much different. Imagine announcing to your boss, clients, and colleagues you don’t brush your teeth regularly. That’s what nail biting is – a visual announcement about your hygiene.

The good news: You can rid yourself of this habit. The fact you’re reading this means you’re an individual who cares about your personal development. You want to present the best version of yourself to gain the biggest advantage you can.

Sure, nail biting isn’t a massive personal flaw, but small habits add up to who you are as an individual. Taking small steps to change will help build the momentum that leads to a massive transformation. You get where you want to be by taking small steps along the way. This is one of those steps.

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